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AQUAR&LY IMP NATURAL SERIES 97 Intense colors! 100% white,gray coverage. Creamy conditioning base. Excellent softness of the hair. Bright, brilliant, long lasting colors. Create new shades by mixing. Easy to use. Two applications per 3.3z tube.
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AQUAR&LY WITH INTENSE MICRO PIGMENTS is the result of years of scientific studies and the collaboration with international research laboratories.
The Intense Micro Pigments (IMP) are micro-emulsified nano-pigments able to deeply penetrate into keratin cavities and bind to the hair fibers.  Thanks to the smaller dimensions, these IMP effectively penetrate far deeper into the hair fiber resulting in more durable, uniform and brilliant color.

Another important benefit that arises from usage of this innovative technology is the reduction of the already low ammonia in the formula.  The small size of the IMP, in fact, requires only the minimum opening of the cuticle layer for highly effective yet extraordinarily gentle delivery and maximum adherence.

AQUAR&LY WITH INTENSE MICRO PIGMENTS represents the synthesiss between nature and scientific research: in synergy with the Hydrolysates wheat proteins, it has born a new concept of color and at the same time of protection, hydration and healthy hair.

The conditioning and restructuring actions of Wheat Proteins protect the scalp and the capillary fibers, giving softness and smoothness to the hair.  Wheat Proteins also have conducting properties.  By fixing to them, micro pigments can penetrate more deeply in the hair.

AQUAR&LY WITH INTENSE MICRO PIGMENTS is the complete answer to all the needs of professional hairstylists everywhere by offering the perfect tool to fully express their creativity and artistic sense.

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