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Shipping & Returns


We have been in the beauty businessfor over thirty years.  This sayssomething for itself.  Being selfemployed is not easy.  I have had a brickand mortar building for over thirty years in the same location.  We are certainly not like those really bigand mysterious corporations who do not talk to you when you have a problem.

What we provide are the best premiumproducts in our stable on the market. You do not see real premium products in drug stores or departmentstores.  This is very important.  Twenty five to fifty percent of salon sales areretail.  No one can afford to give up anypart of your pay check.  These are noteasy times.  With us you do haveprotected products.  Who protects yourpay check?  When you do business with us,we do!  It is smart to know themarket.  The closer you look, the betterwe look.

We do not accept COD’s on returnedmerchandise!

Basically, all returns must be inresalable condition.  For example, haircolor can be exchanged for other colors without penalty.  I do not accept seasonal product back such asChristmas items.  I just ask that onreturned product that you do not send back old product.  This may not be allowed for credit.

Restocking fees are determined on acase by case basis depending on the situation. Hair pieces may not be returned. Manufactures may have different return policies.  We certainly want you to be very successful.

Southern utilizes UPSdaily.  Most of Kentucky and Tennesseehave next day shipping in most cases without additional cost.  Please call early, the UPS driver will notwait for an order to be processed.  Nextday delivery is not guaranteed.  Saddleup and give us a call.